The world is a constantly changing place as far as communication, technology and global opportunities go. So why are we still teaching our kids with the same antiquated teaching methods our grandparents used?

Every Parent has had big questions since the birth of a child. Will our child emerge as successful human? Will our investment of energy, time and money in our child will help? What we can do so our child stays healthy and safe when at school? How our child will be engaged in learning, supported whenever needed and challenged to do wonders? We all want our kid to have the best of everything? Don’t we want them to be winners? To be the next Einstein or Picasso? We only want for them to get ahead in life and won’t settle for anything less, it’s the universal truth. So why settle for conventional teaching methods and outdated content acquisition practices? At thinking school we have answers to your questions and around 10,000 schools transformed as TSI worldwide. This model is perhaps new for Pakistan but not for the world. The top lined schools in the world transformed to Thinking School and their success stories are a great inspiration for the people who look at high quality schooling models.

The evolution of education over the past 100 years from a static view of intelligence and brain development, rote learning and the focus on the “banking” system of imparting knowledge toward the dynamic facilitation and mediation of thinking across whole schools has been slow.  In the mid-1950s and even earlier, pioneers in the fields of psychology and education offered a vision of schools based on principles of collaborative classrooms and a vision of explicitly developing the minds of every learner.  With the rapid shift in global travel, communication, and new technologies in this new century—and the new brain research showing the dynamic plasticity of human development—the vision of Thinking Schools International matches the needs of our time, and of the future of the children around the world.inking schools international around the world have already set remarkable examples. (United States: Thinking Schools International LLC. (n.d.). Retrieved from


We all want our kids to have the best possible education. To go out into this world as a thoughtful problem solver and be remembered for centuries as one of the greats. And here is where The Thinking School comes in, a top independent day school for your kids. We equip our students with the best education to broaden their minds and unleash their full potential. We aim to produce the future thinkers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.  


We believe in the organic model of Education and The Thinking School celebrates the individual and creative spirit of each individual child. Our schooling model is aligned with top four standards i.e OECD Learner Compass 2030, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ASCD Whole Child Tenets and The Thinking School International, thus bringing a superior quality of curriculum aligned with our national curriculum and cultural demands.The world is evolving and our children need to be creative thinkers with unbounded curiosity and a thirst for innovation rather simply the job seekers.  At the Thinking School we teach them how to possess their own individual thinking style. We don’t confine ourselves to a set of content without making sense of the learned content and create the right environment for a growth mindset to stay creative and inquisitive as a child is before going to the school.

We fundamentally believe that every school must act like a greenhouse metaphorically providing the right conditions for a seed to germinate. If the seed is not germinating, there is a lot to be fixed at the greenhouse, not the seed.

Instead of just guessing about what makes us different. Why not pay us a visit? Get to know our staff, meet our students and be assured you are making the right decision when you choose to send your child here.

Our goal for our students is to

        Give an academic education to enable each student to make the majority of her intellect and abilities

        Nurture a team of professional teachers who inspire their students

        Make them feel safe physically and emotionally while being with us 

        Enable all students to want greatness and realize that it is attainable

        Guarantee that each individual from the School feels valued, supported and encouraged

        Cultivate a learning network based on positive relationships between staff and students and    between students themselves

        Encourage students to embrace new challenges

        Understand that societies grow and nourish when they accept diversity and respect the people around

        Realise that knowledge without understanding is not acceptable in the future world.

        Help them pursuing their dreams through our powerful artificial embedded student and teacher support systems

        Commit that our every student gets a certified, professional, dynamic and progressiv teacher as facilitator in the journey of learning

        Empower the students by supporting their ambitions and help them understanding modern economic world by the end of middle school.

ASCD Global Whole Child Network

A student’s learning is influenced by their social emotional state. For example, a student coping with divorce or one who is constantly teased by their classmates may not have the option to concentrate or perform well in class. For optimal learning to happen, the emotional and social well-being of the students ought to also be considered and addressed; and this forms the Whole Child Approach.


The goal of the Whole Child Approach is to improve students’ academic performances, yet in addition contribute to their overall advancement. This approach aims to give students the assistance and structure for attaining long-term achievement in all areas of their life.


The teacher’s job in the Whole Child Approach is to encourage students to develop in each area. An entire kid is curious, creative, caring, empathetic, and confident. Whole Child Approach, which guarantees that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged, sets the standard for complete, sustainable school improvement and accommodates long-term student achievement.


Launched in 2007, ASCD’s Whole Child Initiative is an effort to change the conversation about education from a focus on narrowly defined academic achievement to one that advances the long term improvement and accomplishment of children. Through the initiative, ASCD helps educators, families, network individuals, and policymakers move from a vision about educating the entire youngster to sustainable, collaborative action. ASCD is joined in this effort by Whole Child Partner organizations representing the education, arts, health, approach, and network sectors.

Whole Child Tenets

        Each student enters school healthy and learns about[2]  and practices a healthy lifestyle.

        Each student learns in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for students and adults.

        Each student is actively engaged in learning and is connected to the school and broader network.

        Each student has access to personalized learning and is supported by qualified, caring adults.

        Each student is challenged academically and prepared for achievement in school or further investigation and for employment and participation in a global environment.


We are a school that prepares respectful, optimistic and inquisitive students for the quickly changing demands of the twenty-first century. We point consistently to give an education in the broadest sense, combining scholastic greatness surrounded by an outward-looking and forward-thinking approach.


Our instructors challenge our pupils so they can flourish in college, work and life. We invigorate inquisitive minds. Our students have a restless inquisitiveness and lifelong joy of learning which prepares them for a quick changing world. We encourage our pupils to find what excites and inspires them. It causes them to become adjusted individuals, well placed to forge their own path through life.


 Our students combine kindness, respect and curiosity to become the leaders of tomorrow, creating positive change in our society. So make the smart decision for your kids’ future and apply for The Thinking School.

We are here to be the change needed for your kids. Enroll them in The Thinking School and let us help your child keep up with the world.

When it comes to management, there is no need for a parent to worry. The Thinking school is run like an extremely well thought greenhouse taking care of all plants and seeds regardless of their differences. We are here to address your every query and satisfy your every worry. From our advisory council overseeing everything to our Executive Director looking over day to day operation all ensuring the smooth running of the school. We have well placed affluent directors placed in charge of various operations such as our country Director for Sales and Marketing to our Director Operations. Our Country Director Academics is there to provide the best possible support to our principals and academic staff and ensure the highest caliber of education is being taught in the school. Our Human Resources Manager is here to deal with recruitments of the right individuals as a part of our thinking hubs and  the help of our General Manager accounts to oversee smooth financial transactions. The close coordination of our Country Director Montessori and Country Director Academics with the curriculum development team, international Consultants, Principals and the teachers ensure the smooth progression and transitions from early years to primary and higher levels of learning thus they support the entire of our teaching body. We watch out for the academic advancement of all of our pupils, and guarantee that we stay in contact with parents and guardians as their children progress through the School at a distance of one click on ‘TEAMWorks’


The Thinking School is a school not bound by convention, a place that encourages both the student and the teacher to think critically and creatively ensuring that its curriculum is meaningful and focuses on skills and techniques and not exclusively on content. 


We are here to produce students that challenge the working of the universe and produce answers that satisfy their innate curiosity. Conventional systems crush a student’s ability to question however at the Thinking School we are here to inspire students and build on their curiosity and inspire them for greatness.  Pupils in a Thinking School are encouraged to create and demonstrate independent and cooperative learning skills. Promoting learning and inspirational teaching are at the heart of what we do; we aim to instill in our pupils an appetite for challenge, self-reflection and improvement.


Our curriculum mirrors the flexibility required for our pupils to build up their individual talents, independence, interests, abilities and aptitudes. We hope to encourage our students here at the Thinking School International to be responsible, kind, open-minded and have great moral courage.

Our Professional Certified Teachers

This is the fundamental requirement that before entering in our classrooms, the teachers hold the highest quality ASCD certifications and acquire right training to execute Curriculum in its true essence. We believe that along with the students, teachers grow as well. The Thinking School therefore provides the strongest teachers professional development system which are authentic, focused and goal oriented, so our teachers know the big questions of the taught content, expert at relating content with real life and support and appreciate the students to come up with their ideas, note down on the thinking walls of the school and brainstorm for the creativity.


Thinking School International strongly puts stock in facilitation and working in collaboration with our school accomplices and regional trainers to guarantee that we as a whole sustain the integrity of our motivation and the high caliber of our change processes. At each degree of our training and certification process, each person has an unmistakable guide and bolster resources for where they are going – with access to the expanding TSI resources and system.

Implanted in our training courses, guides and certification processes, is the use of research on learning and thinking. The entirety of our trainers follow the Learning Pyramid. An exceptionally high level of the training we give is focused on “discussion”, “practice by doing” and “immediate use” of strategies and models for thinking.

Most professional development groups center on improving teaching, learning, and leadership by “training” people in a single program and then proceed onward, or what is called first request change. Consistently educators receive workshops and online training courses that likewise encourages them to initiate new practices. Our teachers are certified and trained extensively.

Our Dynamic Education

We are dedicated to teaching our students all the skills they might need in life. We offer an abundant array of courses with broad presentation to the arts, the humanities, and technical disciplines. Our students are challenged to think profoundly, explore intensely, and communicate effectively. We instill habits of mind that set our students on a path of life-long learning and prepare them to excel at the most demanding colleges and universities in the nation and abroad.


A students mind prospers when students are curious and value learning as a life-long endeavor; when they make their best effort to meet the expectations established by their teachers; when at all times they respect the principles of academic honesty and work with integrity; when they accomplish their own work; and when they support the intellectual efforts of their peers and their teachers. We ensure that each of one of our students contribute and participate in their classes and other activities.


Our curriculum is intended to respond to the ever-changing necessities of life beyond the classroom walls. Our teachers, departments, and divisions incorporate the latest research findings into classes, programs, and activities.


We offer Media and Arts Literacy as a complete package of Science, Teachnology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) while offering Robotics right from early years. We offer five languages as optional languages including Arabic, Mandrin, French and German. 

Our Global Connectivity

Thinking School aspires to give students education as well as intends to awaken an interest and understanding for other cultures of the world. Openness to cultural diversity and tolerance towards other individuals’ distinctiveness are mutually exclusive. At Thinking School, we want our students to engage themselves in knowing new cultures, lifestyles and giving opportunities to showcase talents and share achievements so they create leadership, communication and teamwork skills.


The aim of the Thinking School is “for students during their schooling years to become able and caring citizens within a global society.” Our motivation is to facilitate the assimilation of global learning into daily classroom life, and into the school’s way of life.


Thinking School aims to motivate students’ duty to a fairer, more sustainable world. Our programs enable our students to learn the necessary language skills broadening their cultural horizons and challenging preconceived notions.


Learning is never passive at this school; instead, students are encouraged to apply the skills they learned in all their classes to the open-finished, creative activities they are given, helping them establish connections between subjects and using those connections to further their learning in all areas. This practice hones their analytical thinking skills and encourages them to create creative reasoning.