The Thinking School – Park Road Campus

Message from the Principal

It is with great pride and excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you as the Principal of The Thinking School. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead a school with such a rich tradition of education!


To remain at the forefront of the education system, both the school system and learning methodologies must change to keep up with the fast pace in this ever-changing world. I have been dedicated to the field of education for many years. I have worked with a variety of students’ ranging in age from Montessori, Primary years, Middle school through and including High School. I am excited and eager to bring my skills as an educational leader to The Thinking School and work with you as a partner in education to ensure your child’s success. I had the opportunity to work alongside community leaders in Pakistan while supporting staff as an Administrative Coordinator for Learning Programs, Visual & Performing Arts, Athletics, and Health & Counselling Departments.


I firmly believe that real wisdom is the skill to listen to your heart and that each child’s self-esteem, dignity, physical and emotional well-being must be instilled with the similar importance as that given to academic and material success.


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Albert Einstein.


My door is always open, and I welcome your input. I look forward to working with you as a team to help each student at The Thinking School meet their goals and have a successful school year!

Our Goals

Our goals for the thinkers in the classroom are:


“The child, in every school, in every community, is Healthy, Safe, Committed, Supported And Challenged. Pledges all stakeholders: educators, families, policymakers, and community members, challenging the “percentage proficient “culture of too many school reform efforts, to focus on each child. And it raises the bar of responsibility even further beyond the narrow “improvement” of a single theme strategy for efforts that reflect the full range of factors, influence long-term success rather than short-term achievement.”


To achieve this goal,


“We compel the school’s instructional staff to develop and provide effective and engaging learning that reflects the individual needs and strengths of the students. Perhaps most importantly, they need to understand all the factors related to learning (health, safety, connection to the school, family commitment, personalization, relevance, etc.) to successfully achieve the students’ long-term success.”

Our Fantastic Campus

The Thinking School shuns the idea of conventional classrooms where there is no room for creativity and collaborative learning. We have subject rooms, and every subject room is equipped with the latest wireless technology, interactive projectors and broadband access. Classrooms, specialized areas and other learning environments in and around the new school are designed to maximize student learning opportunities and also to provide teachers with facilities and benefits that are second to none.


The school is equipped with a sports court, library, state of the art Media-Arts laboratory, Media Studio, STEM Lab, Food and Nutrition Corner as well as well-designed Subject Rooms. However, one of the most striking features is the Modern Library in the heart of the building. The library is placed centrally to allow ease of access for the entire school. The area under the library is part of an ample interior social space which is large enough to accommodate a different group of children school comfortably for activities. We have a well-designed cafeteria and sitting area for students to enjoy their leisure time.


The outdoor facilities are also awe-inspiring, which consists of a series of artificial grass and hard courts areas dedicated to sports and physical education, along with a variety of specially built social and recreational areas for student use during recess and lunch. At The Thinking School Model Campus, you will find Montessori sensory garden inside a fully equipped greenhouse. Access on and off-site has been carefully planned and designed to ensure student safety travelling on foot, by car or by bus. Vehicles and pedestrians have their dedicated paths. CCTV camera network, high-tech security system and carefully designed landscaping ensure that students, staff and anyone who uses the building or site are safe and secure.


Give your Child an impactful learning experience